Dentists know that Lumineers, a type of highly translucent and extremely thin tooth veneers whose sheen closely resembles natural enamel, can transform a patient’s appearance. Lumineers are one of the most sought-after treatments at the full-service Sexton Dental Clinic in Florence, South Carolina.

Lumineers fill gaps to even out the smile and fix the appearance of stained and broken teeth, and they are durable enough to last for decades. Unless there is a severe orthodontic problem, Lumineers can additionally negate the need for braces by creating a straighter and better aligned appearance.

A dentist bonds the Lumineers directly onto the patient’s teeth without the need for anesthetics and without removing the existing structure of the teeth. In the first session, the dentist takes a precisely molded impression of the patient’s teeth and performs the necessary preparations. At the second appointment, generally after a few weeks, the patient comes back to have the Lumineers bonded.

Today, more than a quarter of a million people in the United States enjoy brighter and more attractive smiles thanks to Lumineers.